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FLOW Foundation

Why the FLOW Foundation?

The founders of FLOW Entertainment and created the the FLOW Foundation, a 501(c)(3) entity to serve as a vehicle to channel the resources, energies and desires of the metropolitan urban professional to better the community with a focus on youth achievement & development, arts, health & economic awareness, and related projects.

"The multitude of conferences and expositions in the area bring many national and international professionals, artists and leaders yet, we felt that the area lacked a mechanism for communication among and utilization of the many human resources in DC to create a true sense of community and conscious networking that would improve the lives of members of the DC metropolitan community. Therefore, we established the FLOW Foundation," said Corey Jennings, one of the three Founders of the FLOW.

The FLOW Foundation Mission:

The foundation's mission has several components:

  1. To gather the collective efforts of various non-profit and service-oriented groups;
  2. To increase health awareness, treatment and testing in urban communities;
  3. To create a greater sense of community for the Washington DC Community; and
  4. To assist in the academic and professional development of youth.

How will the Foundation Accomplish this Mission?

FLOW Entertainment Group has committed to use its resources to bring the Foundation's vision to fruition. has become a premiere source for information and communication regarding the latest social, cultural and professional activities and opportunities targeting the urban professional community. With well over 3.5 million hits per month and a growing audience, FLOW is poised to harness the collective positive energy and skills of its over 90,000 FLOWInsiders to better the community.

FLOW Insiders are more than our clientele. As 'FLOW Insiders,' everyone is a friends and colleagues. We believe that the website and the events we sponsor or promote are the catalyst to a new presentation of ideas and community feeling for the area. We hope to establish a new paradigm for community service.

Proposed Programs:

  • FLOW Foundation Essay Competition College Scholarship. $1000 need-based scholarships will be awarded to various high-school seniors to be used towards tuition in a secondary educational program. Preference will be given to students from "at-risk" populations.
  • Annual National Black History Month Film & Discussion Series. Each February, the FLOW Foundation hosts the an annual film and discussion series. The series brings together, throughout the month, celebrities, historians, filmmakers, artists, historic figures, historic organizations, and other notable individuals. The purpose is to spread awareness of the arts and raise funds for scholarships for those working on their masters and PHDs in film and history. Click here for 2004 details.
  • Gospel Extravaganza. On June 5, 2004, FLOW Foundation hosted the first annual Washington DC Gospel Fest. For more information, click here.
  • Service and Business Gala. FLOW will host an annual affair that brings together the service and business community for an event that will celebrate service organizations in the mid-Atlantic region.
  • High School Intern Project. Working with the FLOW Entertainment Group, LLC, the FLOW Foundation will bring in a few high school interns for training in web maintenance, networking, and community service. The highlight of this project will be one or two large events for the high school students in the area designed by the interns with all the assistance of the FLOW entities.
  • College Intern Projects. In order to further prepare college students for a career in entertainment and service, college students will work with the FLOW Foundation on event development, networking, and training in the entertainment industry. Currently, FLOW has earmarked funds for a least two Howard University Students to act as student interns to learn more about the entertainment industry.
  • District of Columbia High School Skills Workshop. The FLOW Foundation and affiliates will join together and work in conjunction with the District of Columbia school system to present skills and life preparation workshops. This will also give students exposure to urban professionals.
  • Health and Economic Awareness. The FLOW Foundation will work together with various organizations to assist in an effort to increase health and economic awareness. Key health and economic professionals will assist and present ideas through panels, expositions and fairs. In 2002 FLOW participated in the Fashion Lives Benefit by the Ummah Endowment Fund in order to raise money for HIV and AIDS Awareness. In 2003, in honor of World AIDS Day, FLOW and Groove Gumbo held an event featuring recording artist Me'Shell Ndegeocello as guest DJ.
  • Service Support Program. The FLOW Foundation will contribute its resources as it already has to promote and help facilitate events and activities of service organizations throughout the metropolitan area. Likewise, the FLOW Foundation has joined in partnership with in effort to assist in awareness and other programs to help get children adopted and into a home. Please visit Adoptions Together, Inc. for more information on the Project If Not Us program.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

The FLOW Foundation welcomes support from corporate and other sponsors. Sponsors may contribute to the FLOW Foundation or submit proposals to garner the Foundation's support for specific programs. Sponsors are also welcome to donate a designated amount of advertising expenses related to towards the foundation. The amounts must exceed the fair market value of the services for the donation to be tax deductible.


The FLOW Foundation
P.O. Box 2518
Washington, DC 20013

Strategic Partners:
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