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Founded by young urban professionals, FLOW Entertainment Group, LLC looks to provide a diverse professional, social, and entertainment experience for the urban professional. At FLOW, our mission is to provide you, the FLOW Insider, with entertainment variety in all our objectives. Our charitable organization, the FLOW Foundation, was created as a vehicle to foster our positive energy to better and uplift our urban community.


FLOW is about empowering you… Our online magazine serves as an informative resource and marketing tool specifically design for the urban professional. Our weekly comprehensive and diverse entertainment guide is geared to those who truly desire variety in their social and professional outlets. Besides navigating you through D.C's entertainment scene, we provide professional resources to empower you. Information on job fairs and networking events are provided on our robust website. FLOW has forged many alliances with other groups, charities, organizations and businesses, including many of you, to bring you the best cultural, entertainment, and professional experiences, including Insider incentives — free passes & event discounts. Sign-up NOW, and be on the inside.


Access, Your Voice, Exposure…

If you are tired of doing the same thing or if you want to know what else is happening, then become a FLOW Insider. We do the work for you and add a personal touch to your experience. We provide an avenue for you to voice your opinion, present your views and participate in your urban community.

FLOW is more than just events, it's about you and your FLOW! Want to know how you can utilize FLOW for your business? Click Here

Strategic Partners:
the ABA agency
Pair of Dimes Entertainment
Comedian Dawan Owens